Roma Robinson

Roma Robinson

Stroud, UK
Roma is an activist and an educator with RYSE - Radical Youth Space for Educations.
Reflections on Subculture: NeoAncients

Reflections on Subculture: NeoAncients

It’s the final day of the Subculture festival hosted by the Sub rooms - this year’s theme: “Neo-Ancients”. At a time when pre-Christian, Pagan and folk culture is rearing its head from the misty hills of history, this is an exploration into how and why.
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Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary Love

“if you cannot love anybody, you are dangerous… you have no way of learning that other people suffer, no way of learning how to use your suffering, and theirs” — James Baldwin
9 min read
Stroud represented in delegation sent to the Sahel

Stroud represented in delegation sent to the Sahel

Two Stroud residents are joining an international delegation led by the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Internationalist Standing Conference (PARISC) to visit Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger this week.
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Six people standing at the Anti-slavery arch, holding up a banner that reads: PRALER - decolonization of eduction

Stroud Community welcomes Ghanaian visitors as part of internationalist study-exchange

On Tuesday 9th of January, Stroud welcomed some very exciting visitors from Ghana to our rolling valleys.
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