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Amplify FM is a podcast from Amplify Stroud. We host interviews with members of the community, with our writers and guests who have an interesting perspective on topics relevant to our listeners.

Local Election Special w/ George James – Liberal Democrat Amplify FM

Ahead of the local elections on May 6th, Amplify Stroud has interviewed leaders and representatives from all of the major local parties.In this episode, we talk to George James from the Liberal Democrat Party. We cover a variety of topics, from house building and and the climate emergency, to the local developments such as the Five Valleys shopping centre. In doing so, we put questions to him submitted by residents of the Stroud district and other local parties.For upcoming summaries of these discussions, and the other interviews with candidates, keep an eye on Amplify Stroud's social media and website.
  1. Local Election Special w/ George James – Liberal Democrat
  2. Local Election Special w/ Doina Cornell – Labour Party
  3. Local Election Special w/ Molly Scott Cato – Green Party
  4. Local Election Special w/ Stephen Davies – Conservative Party
  5. Stroud's year in lockdown w/Cllr Doina Cornell

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