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Amplify FM is a podcast from Amplify Stroud. We host interviews with members of the community, with our writers and guests who have an interesting perspective on topics relevant to our listeners.

Stroud's Black Boy Clock w/Stuart Butler Amplify FM

For over 200 years, the Black Boy Clock, modelled upon a racist caricature, has stood over Stroud. Recently, however, people of colour have been speaking out about the impact of the clock on their experiences over decades of growing up and living in Stroud.Yet the reaction to the Council's consultation on the Clock's future has been hugely divisive, particularly after the intervention of Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie.So we decided to catch up with local peripatetic historical Stuart Butler, to understand more about the history of the clock and its impact.
  1. Stroud's Black Boy Clock w/Stuart Butler
  2. Local Election Special w/ George James – Liberal Democrat
  3. Local Election Special w/ Doina Cornell – Labour Party
  4. Local Election Special w/ Molly Scott Cato – Green Party
  5. Local Election Special w/ Stephen Davies – Conservative Party

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