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Amplify FM is a podcast from Amplify Stroud. We host interviews with members of the community, with our writers and guests who have an interesting perspective on topics relevant to our listeners.

Stroud's year in lockdown w/Cllr Doina Cornell Amplify FM

One year ago we talked to the leader of Stroud District Council, Doina Cornell about how Stroud District was responding to the unfolding pandemic. In this episode, one year on from the first lockdown we decided to catch up with Doina again, to ask for her reflections on what the past year has been like for her and for the council, and what she see’s as fundamental to Stroud’s own pathway to recovery in the wake of Covid-19.
  1. Stroud's year in lockdown w/Cllr Doina Cornell
  2. The Police, Crime and Racial Oppression Bill w/ Luke Smith
  3. Stroud, Slavery and the Mis-remembering of William Wilberforce w/ Jamie O'Dell & George Thomas
  4. HS2 and Public Transport w/ Gareth Dennis
  5. What is Amplify Stroud? w/ Jamie O'Dell

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