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Letter to the Editor — Hitler apologist is standing to be Stroud's MP

Cheltenham-based Saskia Whitfield - who is being promoted by The Light - is standing in Stroud as an independent candidate for Parliament. A look into her social media reveals a deeply ingrained pattern of homophobic and antisemitic values.
Letter to the Editor — Hitler apologist is standing to be Stroud's MP

by Community Solidarity Stroud District

We note that Richard House and Marcus Blackett have nominated and seconded an individual, Saskia Whitfield, as Independent candidate for Stroud in the General Election.

We also note that the “Info Hub” stall on the High Street has a large banner encouraging people to vote for Independent candidates, the same recommendation is made in “The “Light” paper that they distribute from the stall, and leaflets encouraging people to vote for her are also being distributed from the stall.

We have looked at the candidate Richard and Marcus have nominated, Saskia Whitfield.

On her social media, Saskia Whitfield quotes Hitler.
She denies there was any deliberate massacre of Jews in the Holocaust.

She promotes claims that Britain’s Allies “fought on the wrong side” in WW2 and “should have fought with the fascists…not the other way round”, mentioning that her grandfather was “in the Luftwaffe”.

She repeatedly shares a fascist history website headed with a Joseph Goebbels quote from January 1945 about a “Jewish Clique”.

She states that LGBTQ “Pride Is A Sin”.

She repeatedly puts forward the idea that Hitler “cleaned up perverted Berlin” and that “once again” it’s time to do the same.

These are not cherry-picked nor very old comments - not that that would be OK. Most of them are very recent, and there are many more in this vein.

We think most people in Stroud will be as appalled as us at the idea that someone with these ideas should be put forward as a potential Member of Parliament for the area.

We have the following 4 questions for Richard House, Marcus Blackett and the 8 others who have proposed Saskia Whitfield:

  1. Were you aware that she held these ideas?
    Or did you propose her as a candidate without checking her social media output?
  2. As you have nominated her candidacy, please tell us if you support these ideas? 
  3. Where did Whitfield get the idea these views might find a receptive audience in Stroud?
  4. Do you still support her candidacy? 

We look forward to your response, which we will make public alongside this letter,

Yours sincerely,

Community Solidarity Stroud District

Screenshots evidencing the descriptions of Saskia Whitfield's social media and responses from her backers are available on the CSSD website

Our letter to the people backing Nazi-sympathising candidate for MP
Richard House & Marcus Blackett have nominated the Cheltenham resident, who shares Hitler quotes and promotes the idea we should have fought on Hitler’s side, not against him