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Global Day of Action 13 Jan 2024 - video report

Earlier this month in the early hours of January 13th, dozens of Stroudies met at Stratford Park and boarded a coach bound for London.
Global Day of Action  13 Jan 2024 - video report

by George D Thomas


We, alongside tens of thousands of others from across the nation, had made the journey for one simple reason to march together in solidarity with the people of Palestine, to demand an end to the horrifying violence in Gaza and to call for peace for everyone between the river and the sea.

What's brought you out here today?

"Well, huge injustice for the people of Palestine. The fact that they're killing tens of thousands of people, you know, thousands of civilians, just about 10,000 children have died in the last couple of months as a result of Israeli tanks and bombs and planes killing civilians that have got nothing whatsoever to do with an any military action.
"And they don't care; the British government, the American government is backing an Israeli terror state to kill civilians, and it's time that we stop that.
"It's a huge injustice. Standing here with hundreds of thousands of other people who feel the same way, in every capital around the world, who are demonstrating not just London, we're out in millions telling the governments and telling the UK government in particular that it’s got to change its position and it's got to come out and support justice, democracy and peace in the Middle East and elsewhere."

— Freddie Janke, from Stroud Against Racism

The next NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION is on 3 Feb 2024