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Black Dog Way film fundraiser and Q&A at The Long Table on Jan 6, 2024

“Final fundraiser for a local documentary feature film that focuses on one of the most pressing issues of our time - homelessness”
Black Dog Way film fundraiser and Q&A at The Long Table on Jan 6, 2024

By Laurie Davies

Edith Bowman and The Long Table have come together to support the final fundraiser for Black Dog Way, with communal food, an amazing raffle of eclectic film memorabilia donated from Edith's personal collection and a in-depth discussion. The feature length documentary is the debut of director Sam Pope. It sets its story around the protagonist Steve Gower and his encounter with homelessness, whilst exposing the viewers to both those that work with those that find themselves homeless and the real lives of those that experience homelessness in Gloucester.

The night is set to be a a great community get together in the way that The Long Table does best and an opportunity to support a grassroots film that addresses one of the most important issues affecting many people in Gloucestershire, with the added delight of the wonderful Edith Bowman, a film critic who interviews Directors and actors such as Sofia Coppola and Lesley Manville.

Black Dog Way was shot on the streets of Gloucester over four years. It follows the exploits and tireless campaigning of homeless activist and campaigner, Steve Gower. At 49 Steve found himself homeless and at the mercy of a dysfunctional and fragmented support system. He saw up close the plight of the most vulnerable. Galvanised by his experiences he set out to stop anyone else falling into this trap.

For Steve the film is a rallying cry and call to action on behalf the most vulnerable and marginalised in British society, those that find themselves homeless and living on the streets.

The Long Table will open its doors on Saturday January 6 at 5pm for delicious food, followed by a Q&A at 7.30pm with the Director; Sam Pope, Editor; Katherine Glynn-Jones and the film’s protagonist, Steve Gower.

Steve Gower